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the story of 205 endurance


205 Endurance is about the belief and mindset that ANYBODY can do ANYTHING they set their mind to. In 1977, coach Bobby's dad, as a part of the Army Special forces, swam the 20.5 miles across the English Channel. Not only was this the first "mission" across the English Channel, but it was the first group to swim the channel together. Everyone thought the journey was impossible except the six Green Berets that accomplished the amazing feat. Everyone has an "English Channel" in their life, 20.5 miles of difficult terrain that seems impossible to cross. But with the right mindset, hard work, and determination, anything can be achieved. 205 Endurance is a mindset coach Bobby got from his dad and one that he hopes to impart to others through endurance coaching.




bobby herrington

ultrarunner, coach, husband, dad

I am a competitive runner, coach, husband, and dad to 3 boys. I say "team" 205 Endurance because running, competing, mountains, and adventure truly is a family affair for us! And because of my love for the sport of running, and the adventure and growth that it brings, I have a passion for helping others achieve the absolute best out of themselves. Every person has more to give than they realize! And it is my desire as a coach to help develop that endurance mindset and then create a training plan for the body to catch up with the mind. 



team 205 


One of the things that I bring to my coaching is the ability to help you balance life, family, and training. It is an art to run at a high level with all the other demands of life. I pride myself on being devoted to my work, family, and still running at a very high level, without neglecting an area of my life. Life is a balance, and running can be a great help when it is done in a sustainable way. 


While I can coach all distances, I would say I specialize in the shortest and fastest distances (track and cross country) and the longest and slowest distances haha (mountain 100 mile ultra marathons). I hope the distinct training philosophies needed for these vastly different races has equipped me to also coach all the distances in-between. 

In terms of racing, my sons race competitively at the State and National level for track and cross country, and I am a competitive Ultra Runner with multiple wins under my belt at different distances. My favorite distance is the 100 mile distance, which I have completed 6 times. 

My 100 mile PR is 15:03.

Coach Bobby's race results:

  • Javelina 100 - 6th place 

  • Grindstone 100 - 2nd place

  • Hellbender 100 - 4th place

  • Uwharrie 40 Mile Mountain Run - 1st place

  • King of the Mountain 50k - 2nd place

  • Iron Mountain 50 - 4th place

  • Salem Lake 25k - 2nd place

  • The Naturalist 25k - 4th place

  • Northern Trails Marathon - 1st place


  • USA Track and Field Level One Coach

  • AAU Coach

  • Training Peaks Level One Coach

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