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coaching services

unlimited coaching

$125 per month

To go after big dreams and goals we basically need three things: expertise, accountability, and community. With one-on-one coaching you will definitely get all three.


Not only will coach Bobby design you a training plan specifically for your race and training block, but this plan will be completely dynamic. This means the plan will be designed weekly based on how training is going, where your fitness level is at, and constantly updated to meet life's demands outside of running. There is also unlimited two-way communication with coach Bobby during the training block to measure and determine how things are going, as well as providing you motivation and also expertise when it comes to training, nutrition, race planning, season planning, and much more. This is truly one-on-one unlimited coaching where coach Bobby will be your guide.


Ultimately no one can do the work for you. Big dreams require a lot of hard work and determination. But sometimes, having a guide that walks alongside you, and a daily plan created just for you, provides that extra push you need to have that little bit of extra accountability to really go after and crush your goals.


Ultimately big dreams are always easier to chase when you have people alongside you that are also chasing big dreams. When you are part of the one-on-one coaching program you join the 205 Endurance family! This is maybe the best part of the coaching experience. You will have other people around you through our team WhatsApp group where we can motivate one another and share wins and losses. 

this package includes

  • Custom training plan designed weekly.

  • Unlimited changes to training plan.

  • Daily and weekly communication with coach Bobby.

  • Pre-race meeting with coach Bobby.

  • Join 205 Endurance private WhatsApp group. 

Image by Kari Shea

take your next step

new athlete onboarding 

This is a very important step to get started with coaching. Every training plan we create is totally custom. Through the onboarding process, coach Bobby will dive deep into your running history, training philosophy, history with injuries, past race results, mindset around running and training, and more. This is important because not only does coach Bobby want to design a training plan that is ideal for your current level of fitness and running experience, but also a training plan that fits with your specific life and schedule. Fill out the athlete on boarding form and then coach Bobby will reach out with any follow up questions. After that we will schedule a time to meet for an hour and start laying the groundwork to design your training plan. 

Mountain Ridge
“Coach Bobby is an excellent coach! So much experience to pull from. He gives encouragement when he knows you need it or knows you have more to give and knows when to tell you to pull back on your effort when you should focus on recovery or easy miles. He is open to a lot of different methodologies of training and knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Investing in him has been a great experience thus far and he invests back into myself which I really appreciate and recommend to anybody wanting to make the jump into being coached."

Simeon Roberts

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