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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Welcome to the 205 Endurance Blog! As I expand my running coaching beyond just my small group of runners, I hope to document my philosophy on training and the principles behind different training blocks. I also hope to write race reports from races I am doing or my runners are doing, and also write about mindset, because I believe it is such a key component of running success and general life success.

In terms of training philosophy, I would love to use the blog to document the types of training leading up to races for myself and athletes I coach. Running coaching, and philosophies of training, can at times be more of an art than a science. Obviously there are physiological and scientific principles at play but every athlete is different and we all have different life stressors at play outside of running. This means that sometimes when we look back the training was perfectly designed for the race we did and we have a great outcome. Other times, mostly after the fact, we realize maybe the training for a certain race was not as well designed as we thought. This is one of the reasons that I would like to document the different types of training leading up to races, to document these successes and failures.

Also, one distinct part or my coaching style is that I really like to help the athletes I coach understand why we are doing certain types of training and workouts. I have always been someone who needs to understand the philosophy behind whatever I am doing, and I want the runners I coach to constantly be growing in their running knowledge so that they are less reliant on a coach and understand the core principles behind endurance training better.

Another thing I would like to document for this blog is race reports for all of the different races that athletes I am coaching are running, And selfishly to also be able to have a running log of the training and races that my sons do each year (I have three boys who are competitive runners). I remember when I first got into ultra running I would really use people's race reports to try to get a better understanding of races that were new to me. This year I am doing a race I have never done (the Javalena 100) and I find myself once again digging into other people's experiences at races. I am a big believer in not always having to make your own mistakes. That is a tough way to do life. We have the ability to accelerate progress in anything we do by learning from others, and race reports are a great way to do just that!

Lastly, 205 Endurance, which is the name of my running company, is all about mindset. My dad, who was in the Special Forces, and swam the 20.5 miles of the English Channel (hence 205 Endurance) when he was 22 years old, has taught me so much about mindset. Many times in life if you believe you can do something you can do it AND if you do not believe you can do something you cannot do it. The right mindset can take us further than we ever imagined!

Take care!

Coach Bobby

Speaking of mindset, below is a picture looking back towards Telluride, CO on the Hardrock 100 course. I spent 5 days convincing my 8 and 10 year old that they could run the 16 miles from Telluride, CO to Ouray, CO up and over 13,000 feet. Not only did they complete the run they crushed it! If you believe you can do it...then you can do it!

*205 Endurance is about the belief and mindset that ANYBODY can do ANYTHING they set their mind to. The mission of 205 Endurance is to help you achieve what you never thought possible through endurance coaching. We offer cross country coaching, marathon coaching, and ultra marathon coaching. If you have any questions or want to inquire about coaching feel free to reach out to coach Bobby here.


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