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content + coaching to help leaders, athletes, and teams chase big dreams and get big results! 


Bobby herrington

Meet Coach Bobby Herrington, just a normal guy with an abnormal amount of dreams and passions! Coach Bobby is a devoted husband and a proud father of three boys. He's also an elite ultrarunner, a pastor, a relentless dreamer, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and a Ph.D.



His life is all about the unwavering belief in chasing big dreams and helping others do the same! Coach Bobby doesn't just talk the talk about chasing his dreams, he tries to live a life of belief and action! Bobby desires to live with a "burn the ships" mentality where he is all-in on whatever dreams he is chasing. 

If you want the things around you to change then you have to change

In life there often comes a moment when we find ourselves settling for the ordinary and trading our big dreams for something less. We might become less of the leader we once aspired to be or less of the parent or spouse we envisioned ourselves to be. Maybe its fear or maybe we just got bogged down along the way.

In this moment it is so easy to take a victim mentality when it comes to life. It's someone else's fault. It's the worlds fault. It's luck. It's fate. It's destiny. And on and on...

But there is another way forward. It is definitely not an easy path. But it starts with a decision to change ourselves in order for the things around us to change. 

And here's the good news: The journey toward a better, more fulfilled life of growth, where you go after big dreams begins with a single step, and a belief in the possibility of change. And we are here to help on that journey.



speaking+ leadership coaching

For over 15 years, Bobby has been making a profound impact on small and large groups through his role as a pastor and his involvement in various non-profit organizations. What sets Bobby apart is his remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts in a manner that is not just engaging, but profoundly practical and remarkably memorable.

Bobby takes this gift for speaking and inspiring and channels it into coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs to chase after their most ambitious dreams and attain remarkable results. His specialization lies in guiding leaders towards achieving alignment in their life and business, enabling them to bring their vision to reality.

His coaching sessions delve into a wide array of critical topics, including goal setting, mindset cultivation, strategic planning, discipline, habit formation, and crafting an environment conducive to success. 


Endurance Coaching

Discover the power of One-on-One Coaching – in this personalized coaching experience, you're not handed a one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, your journey begins with a training plan that is custom designed every week to help you go after your goals and dreams! Also you will have weekly feedback and communication from coach Bobby to give you that extra bit of accountability and help guide you on your journey.

But there's more. When you join our one-on-one coaching program you become a part of the 205 Endurance family. We are a group of runners that encourage and inspire one another to go after our big dreams. In this community you will find motivation and inspiration. And you will never feel like you are going after your dreams alone.

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youth running

Our programs cater to a diverse range of youth runners, whether they are newcomers taking their first steps in the world of running or seasoned athletes competing at the highest national championship levels.

Here, we're not just coaching youth runners; we're helping youth runners go after their dreams. Join us and watch as young athletes discover their inner potential, develop essential skills, and chase their dreams on the track and cross country courses.


trail running camps

Join us for one of our 205 Endurance mountain running camps. This immersive experience is thoughtfully curated for mountain and ultra runners, offering a weekend of exhilarating trail running along some breathtaking routes.

But it's more than just running; it's an opportunity to elevate your mindset, forge lasting connections, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to explore epic trails, embrace the camaraderie of the trail running community, and embark on a journey that will leave you inspired and invigorated.

“Coach Bobby is an excellent coach! So much experience to pull from. He gives encouragement when he knows you need it or knows you have more to give and knows when to tell you to pull back on your effort when you should focus on recovery or easy miles. He is open to a lot of different methodologies of training and knows how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Investing in him has been a great experience thus far and he invests back into myself which I really appreciate and recommend to anybody wanting to make the jump into being coached."

Simeon Roberts

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