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summer track


who is summer track for?

The Summer track program is for those six years of age through upcoming High School seniors. Each runner will get a 6-day training plan designed for their current experience and fitness level. Summer track is for both those who are newer to competitive running and want to gain experience AND those who want to reach a new level and become more competitive runners.

What is the summer track program?

The Summer track program is all about developing speed and running efficiency for track events in the summer that will also translate well for the upcoming Fall cross country season. During Summer track, coach Bobby will design 10 weeks of training individualized for each athlete that is focused on developing speed and efficiency for middle distance track events from the 400m to the 3000m. In addition to 6 days of designed training, there will be two group practices per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The team will also compete in 4 North Carolina track meets for those who want to race in the Summer, but this is not required to be a part of the Summer program

*Important Note: The training will be built around middle distance track events not sprinting or field events.

when and where is summer track?

Summer track will last for 10 total weeks going from the week of May 1st through the week of July 3rd.

The first practice will be Tuesday May 2nd. Practices will be held each Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30PM-6:45PM. Our main practice locations will be at Bur-Mil Park and High Point Athletic Complex. However, we may also meet at other parks or tracks in the area. 

Track Meets:

Our 10 weeks of Summer training will be built around competing in 4 track meets in North Carolina throughout the Summer and the USATF Junior Olympics in Eugene, OR for those who qualify and want to make the trip. Athletes can also run in the Summer track program without competing in the track events or choosing to only do a few of the events.

Johnson Riley Track and Field Challenge -  May 27th in High Point, NC.

NC United Outdoor Invitational - June 3rd in Greensboro, NC.

USATF NC Junior Olympic Championship - June 23-25 in Durham, NC.

*This is a qualifying event for the USATF region 3 championship. Athletes will probably

not compete all 4 days.

USATF Region 3 Championship - July 7-9 in Durham, NC.

*This is a qualifying event for the USATF national championships. Athletes will probably not compete all 4 days.

USATF National Junior Olympic Championships - July 24-30 in Eugene, OR.

Program Cost: $200

This is the cost of the 10 week Summer track program. This includes 6 days of scheduled training for each athlete and 2 days a week of team practice. This is a flat fee even if your athlete misses some of the practices or we have to cancel for weather or other reasons. *This cost does not include team singlet or any related costs for the track meets.

205 Endurance Team Singlet Cost: $50

This is required for any athletes that want to compete in any of the track meets. The athletes who are not competing in the track meets can still purchase a team singlet if they desire. 

Track Meet Costs: TBD

Each track meet will have their own associated costs as well as potential membership costs associated with AAU or USATF. For those athletes competing, coach Bobby will help with registering each athlete for the event.

Meet the coaches



About coach bobby

Coach Bobby is an elite level ultra-marathon runner, husband, and dad to 3 competitive youth runners. Coach Bobby is a USATF Level 1 coach, AAU coach, and Training Peaks Level 1 coach. Coach Bobby has experience at Regional, State, and National track & XC meets. Coach Bobby coaches all distances from middle distance track events, cross country, as well as marathon and ultra-marathon distances. In terms of competitive running, coach Bobby has won and raced multiple ultra-marathons including six hundred mile races, including a 100 mile PR of 15:03. Coach Bobby enjoys helping athletes develop an endurance mindset and achieving goals they once thought were impossible.


*Coach Bobby will write the training for the team, lead the team at the track meets, and lead some of the practices.


assistant coach: cameron belk 

About coach cameron

Coach Cameron competed at the NCAA D1 level in Cross Country and Track for the University of North Carolina Greensboro. During his career as a Spartan, his best marks were 8:41 in the 3,000m and 15:18 in the 5,000m. Since graduating, coach Cameron completed the Firebreak Ultra 50 miler finishing in first place with a time of 8:22. He also completed the Richmond Marathon in a time of 3:09. Coach Cameron loves to use his experience, knowledge, and excitement for running to help athletes become the best athlete they can and have fun in the process.

*Coach Cameron will lead the majority of practices and assist at some of the track meets. 

got questions?

Feel free to reach out to coach Bobby

with any questions that you have.

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